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At Farran, our strategy is to develop institutional-quality properties in non-institutional markets. We create value for all our stakeholders by designing and building properties that fit into the existing architectural and economic framework of the cities where we develop. Farran uses a diligent and quantitative approach to assess the challenges and opportunities presented by each project in order to reduce risk and deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

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Meet The Team

Managing Partner

Jim Mcleod

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Office Manager

Liz Scaggs

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Pat Corrick

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Chief Financial Officer

Mark Wallingford

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VP of Development Mgmt

Luke Hamman

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VP of Construction Management

Andrew Johnson

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Operating Advisor

Dan Hutchinson

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Investor Relations Advisor

Edith Feild

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Senior Strategic Advisor

Tom Corrick

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Construction Advisor

Dave Krawcyzk

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